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Functional Fungi™ is a multi-patented, certified organic, vertically integrated grower and processor of multiple strains of nutraceutical mushrooms and custom mushroom blends. We grow and nurture high demand whole foods mushroom strains within a highly controlled indoor growing facility on a 4,000-acre regenerative, certified organic working farm in the heartland – Missouri, USA. This controlled environment mimics a natural setting but allows our organic mushroom powders to be grown in a consistent manner to assure high quality supply from lot to lot. We use DNA testing to confirm all species are verified and meet our industry leading quality standards.

We are registered with the US FDA and follow strict quality guidelines throughout the growing, drying and finishing process to guarantee a high quality, mushroom nutraceutical powder that is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and free from pesticides, solvent residues and any artificial preservatives, colors or fillers.

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Certified Organic Farm

We grow and nurture high demand strains within an indoor growing facility on a 4,000-acre regenerative, certified organic working farm in the heartland - Missouri, USA.

Patented Processes

Functional Fungi is the exclusive license holder to three process patents.

High Anthocyanin Growth Substrate


Sprouting, Germination And Frequency Growing Process


Solid-State Fermentation & Cultivation Process, Combined With Nutritive Feeding


Key Benefits of Mushrooms

Functional Fungi offers the most popular and well-studied strains of different organic Mushroom whole-food powders that support a variety of health conditions. Each specific mushroom strain has its own functional applications.

Supports Immune Health*

Beta-glucans are natural polysaccharides that enhances immunity

Brain Boosting Function*

Promotes the growth and normal function of nerve cells found in the brain

Natural Energy Source*

Increase ATP production naturally to support endurance and vitality

Anxiety & Mood Support*

Helps battle fatigue and enhance mood by assisting in overcoming inflammation

Supports A Healthy Gut*

High antioxidants present may improve digestion and enhance intestinal immunity

Anti-Aging Properties*

Strong ORAC values and antioxidant levels help slow down the aging process

Top Product Offerings

We Grow Certified Organic

(Lions Mane)

Hericium erinaceus

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Lentinula edodes

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Grifola frondosa

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Inonotus obliquus

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Cordyceps sinensis

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Ganoderma lucidum

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(Turkey Tail)

Trametes versicolor

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